Notary Appointments During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Province-Wide Continuation of Service
As physical distancing becomes the temporary norm in order to flatten the infection curve of the corona virus, we at Sudbury Notary Public are well structured to keep serving you, our clients across Ontario. Justice services are classed as essential, and emergency legal changes mean we can assist you with notarial services online.

Expanded Hours
For the duration of the alterations to daily life brought on by the pandemic, we will be open to serve clients from Mondays to Fridays, from 8am to 6pm.

Online services have some advantages. Our fee schedule per notarization, or certification of copy, or commissioning of oath have been reduced, and are now as follows:
  • first - $45
  • second - $35
  • third - $25
  • fourth - $15
  • fifth and subsequents - $10 each
Payment can be made by credit card.

We've streamlined our processes so we can offer online services with amazing ease. The steps are as follows:

Book a 30 minute appointment by clicking on the link below.

2. In preparation for your appointment:
  • have your government-issued photo identification ready
  • does your document require your signature? don't sign until you are on the video call
  • do you need prior document drafting? visit affidavits-canada for 24 hour turn-around drafting
  • have a scanner ready, or be able to use CamScanner on your phone, or be ready to take a very clear picture of your document
3. At the time of your appointment, simply click on the link received by email to start the video call. We'll verify your identity and signature. We'll then see you sign the document. Finally, you'll scan or photograph and send the document to us.

4. We'll have your document inside of a minute, and we'll get your work done right away. You'll receive your fully notarized PDF document by email while on the video call. We'll then stick a paper version in the mail on the same day.

Dusted. Sorted. Done!

To book an appointment, simply click on the "Get Started" button below.

Service Limitation: A $40 surcharge, plus mailing costs, applies to Wills, Powers of Attorney, and documents requiring a Certified True Copy stamp, as these documents cannot, by law, be notarized online and thus must be mailed. An $80 surcharge applies to Real Estate notarizations as the full set of documents must be scanned and emailed for examination in advance, and three identity documents must be verified per person instead of the usual single identity document. One of the identity documents must be a Canadian passport.

At Sudbury Notary Public, we offer a complete suite of cost effective and ultra-convenient notarial services - from the drafting and notarization of affidavits to the commissioning of oaths, from certified true copies to letters of invitation, from authentications & legalizations to consent to travel documents, as well as every other notarial service.

In addition, with a lawyer on staff, we provide corporate law services, such as the incorporation of companies or the commencement of franchise businesses.

With our office well located on Regent Street, with lots of free parking, and with no appointments required, you'll find we are well situated to meet your needs efficiently.

Whether your concern touches on powers of attorney, marriage abroad, statutory declarations or an urgent notarization, you’ll find us able to assist, friendly, professional, and highly skilled. Our objective is to render the complex simple on your behalf, ensuring your piece of mind.

Browse our services on this website, and discover why we are recognized as the default option for Sudbury Notary Public services.